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Main Entry: nebulous
Cynthian, abstract, amorphous, anagalactic, asteroidal, astral, astrologic, astrologistic, astrologous, astronomic, astrophysical, bland, blind, blurred, broad, castellatus, celestial, circumplanetary, cirrose, cirrous, cislunar, clear as mud, cloud-flecked, clouded, cloudy, collective, cumuliform, cumulous, dark, dim, dirty, empyreal, empyrean, equinoctial, extragalactic, faint, featureless, foggy, fuzzy, galactic, general, generalized, generic, gloomy, hazy, heavenly, heavy, heliacal, ill-defined, indefinite, indeterminate, indistinct, intercosmic, interplanetary, intersidereal, interstellar, lenticularis, lunar, lunary, lunate, lunular, lunulate, mammatus, meteoric, meteoritic, misty, muddy, murky, nebular, nebulose, neutral, nimbose, nonspecific, nubilous, obscure, opaque, overcast, overclouded, pale, planetal, planetarian, planetary, planetesimal, semilunar, shadowy, shapeless, sidereal, solar, sphery, squally, star-spangled, star-studded, starry, stellar, stellary, stormy, stratiform, stratous, terrestrial, thunderheaded, transcendent, turbid, uncharacterized, unclear, undifferentiated, unplain, unspecified, uranic, vague, wide, zodiacal