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Main Entry: nebbish
Milquetoast, a nobody, a nothing, baby, big baby, chicken, cipher, common man, crybaby, doormat, dud, dull tool, dummy, figurehead, gutless wonder, hollow man, insignificancy, invertebrate, jackstraw, jellyfish, lay figure, lightweight, little fellow, little guy, man of straw, mediocrity, meek soul, milksop, mollycoddle, namby-pamby, nobody, nobody one knows, nonentity, nothing, nullity, obscurity, pansy, pantywaist, pip-squeak, punk, puppet, pushover, runt, sad sack, scrub, shrimp, sissy, small fry, small potato, small potatoes, softling, softy, sop, squirt, squit, thing of naught, trifle, weak sister, weakling, whiffet, whippersnapper, zero