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Main Entry: motor
active, aeromotor, alembic, anvil, appliance, arc-jet engine, auto, autocar, automobile, axial-flow turbojet, bicycle, bike, boat, buggy, bus, caldron, cam engine, car, catch a train, charioteer, chauffeur, convenience, crate, crucible, cycle, drive, driving, engine, enginery, entrain, facility, fixture, gas jet, go by rail, heap, impelling, impulse duct engine, in motion, inverted engine, jalopy, joyride, lathe, machine, machinery, make a train, mechanical aid, mechanical device, mechanism, melting pot, mobile, mortar, motile, motivational, motive, motive power, motor vehicle, motorcar, motorcycle, motorized vehicle, moving, pancake engine, pedal, pilot, piston engine, power plant, power source, propellant, propeller-jet engine, propelling, propjet, radial engine, ramjet, reciprocating engine, retort, ride, rocket motor, rotary engine, stirring, supercharged engine, take a joyride, taxi, test tube, tool, transducer, transformer, transitional, traveling, tub, turbine, turbojet, turboprop, utility, vertical engine, voiture, wheel, wheels, wreck
Main Entry: motor oil
avgas, crude, crude oil, ethyl, ethyl gas, fossil oil, gas, gasoline, high-octane gas, high-test, kerosene, lead-free gas, low-lead gas, paraffin, petrol, petroleum, premium gas, regular, rock oil
Main Entry: motor vehicle
auto, autocar, automobile, boat, buggy, bus, car, crate, heap, jalopy, machine, motor, motorcar, motorized vehicle, tub, voiture, wheels, wreck