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Main Entry: mellifluous
accordant, achingly sweet, affable, agreeable-sounding, agreeable, ambrosial, amiable, amicable, appealing, ariose, arioso, bittersweet, blissful, candied, canorous, cantabile, catchy, cheerful, compatible, complaisant, congenial, cordial, desirable, dulcet, en rapport, enjoyable, euphonic, euphonious, euphonous, fair, fair and pleasant, felicific, felicitous, fine-toned, fine, genial, golden-tongued, golden-voiced, golden, good, goodly, gracious, grateful, gratifying, harmonious, heart-warming, honeyed, honeysweet, likable, liquid, melic, melliferous, mellifluent, mellisonant, mellow, melodic, melodious, music-flowing, music-like, musical, nectareous, nectarous, nice, pleasant-sounding, pleasant, pleasing, pleasurable, pleasure-giving, pleasureful, rewarding, rich, sacchariferous, satisfying, silver-toned, silver-tongued, silver-voiced, silvery, singable, songful, songlike, sonorous, sour-sweet, sugarcoated, sugared, sugarsweet, sugary, sweet-flowing, sweet-sounding, sweet, sweet and pungent, sweet and sour, sweet as sugar, sweetened, sweetish, syrupy, tunable, tuneful, welcome