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Main Entry: mechanism
Charlie McCarthy, Marxism, action, agency, agent, ancilla, animalism, apparatus, appliance, approach, arrangement, art, atomism, automatic switch, behaviorism, channel selector, check valve, clockworks, commonsense realism, contour follower, contrivance, control valve, convenience, craft, creature, device, dialectical materialism, drive, drive train, dummy, dupe, earthliness, electronic control, emergency control, empiricism, engine, enginery, epiphenomenalism, expedient, facility, finder switch, fixture, flowmanostat, gear, go-between, going between, handmaid, handmaiden, historical materialism, hylomorphism, hylotheism, hylozoism, implement, innards, instrument, instrumentality, interagent, intermediary, intermediate, intermediation, intermedium, internal selector, lever, machine, machinery, materialism, means, mechanical aid, mechanical device, mechanics, mediation, mediator, medium, method, midwife, minion, monism, motion, motive power, motor, movement, movements, natural realism, naturalism, new realism, organ, organization, pawn, physicalism, physicism, plaything, positive philosophy, positivism, power plant, power source, power train, pragmaticism, pragmatism, procedure, process, puppet, realism, recourse, rectifier, register regulator, representative realism, resort, safety control, safety fuse, safety stop, safety switch, safety valve, science, secularism, selector switch, sequence switch, servant, service, servo valve, servomechanism, skill, slave, stooge, structure, substantialism, system, technic, technical know-how, technical knowledge, technical skill, technics, technique, technology, temporality, thermoswitch, timer, tool, toy, utility, vehicle, voltage regulator, voltage stabilizer, watchworks, way, wheels, wheels within wheels, workings, works, worldliness
Main Entry: defense mechanism
alienation, autism, autistic thinking, avoidance, avoidance mechanism, avoidance reaction, avoiding reaction, blame-shifting, block, blocking, circumvention, compensation, conversion, decompensation, defence, defense, defense in depth, defenses, dereism, dereistic thinking, deterrent capacity, displacement, dissociation, dodge, duck, ego defenses, elusion, elusiveness, emotional insulation, equivocation, escape, escape into fantasy, escape mechanism, escapism, evasion, evasive action, evasiveness, fantasizing, fantasy, flight, forbearance, forestalling, forestallment, getting around, guard, isolation, jink, mental block, negative taxis, negativism, neutrality, nonintervention, noninvolvement, overcompensation, prevention, projection, protection, psychological defenses, psychotaxis, rationalization, refraining, repression, resistance, self-defense, self-preservation, self-protection, shunning, shunting off, shy, sidestep, sidetracking, slip, sociological adjustive reactions, sublimation, substitution, suppression, symbolization, the defensive, the runaround, ward, wish-fulfillment fantasy, wishful thinking, withdrawal, zigzag