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Main Entry: maidenhead
Platonic love, abstinence, allantoic membrane, amnion, amniotic sac, arachnoid membrane, bachelordom, bachelorhood, bachelorism, bachelorship, basement membrane, boyhood, celibacy, cherry, childhood, conjuctiva, continence, continency, eardrum, girlhood, hymen, intactness, maidenhood, membrana serosa, membrana tympana, membrane, meninges, meninx, misogamy, misogyny, monachism, monasticism, neurilemma, pellicle, pericardium, perineurium, pleura, pre-teens, serosa, single blessedness, single state, singleness, spinsterhood, subteens, tympanic membrane, tympanum, unwed state, velum, virgin state, virginity
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