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Main Entry: lucky
advantageous, adventitious, ahead of the game, appropriate, auspicious, befitting, beneficial, benign, benignant, blessed, blessed with luck, booming, born under a lucky star, born with a silver spoon in one's mouth, bright, chance, charmed, convenient, crowned with success, encouraging, expedient, fair, favorable, favored, favoring, felicitous, fit, fitting, flourishing, fluky, fortuitous, fortunate, full of promise, golden, good, halcyon, happy, heaven-sent, hopeful, hot, in luck, into something, just in time, meet, of good omen, of happy portent, of promise, on a roll, on a streak, on top, on top of the heap, opportune, out in front, profitable, promising, propitious, prosperous, providential, red-hot, rich, ripe, rosy, seasonable, serendipitous, sonsy, sortable, succeeding, successful, suitable, thriving, timely, well-off, well-timed, well
Main Entry: lucky piece
amulet, charm, fetish, fylfot, gammadion, good-luck charm, hoodoo, juju, love charm, lucky bean, madstone, mascot, mumbo jumbo, obeah, periapt, philter, phylactery, scarab, scarabaeus, scarabee, sudarium, swastika, talisman, veronica, voodoo, whammy
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