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Main Entry: louse
SOB, bastard, bugger, cat flea, chigoe, cockroach, crab, creep, cur, dog, dog flea, fart, flea, grayback, heel, hood, hooligan, jerk, jigger, meanie, mite, mother, nit, parasite, pill, rat, red bug, roach, sand flea, shit, shithead, shitheel, skunk, snake, stinkard, stinker, toad, turd, vermin, weevil, wretch
Main Entry: louse up
ball up, bitch, bitch up, blow, bobble, bollix, bollix up, bonehead into it, boot, bugger, bugger up, bungle, complicate, confound, confuse, cook, crab, cramp, crimp, drop a brick, drop the ball, duff, embrangle, entangle, flub, fluff, foozle, foul up, goof, goof up, gum, gum up, hash up, implicate, involve, knot, mess, mess up, mix up, muck up, mucker, muddle, perplex, play hell with, play hob with, pull a boner, queer, ramify, ravel, screw up, sink, snafu, snarl, snarl up, tangle
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