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Main Entry: loan
Wall Street loan, accommodate with, accommodation, advance, allow, allowance, call loan, call money, collateral loan, credit, demand loan, external loan, float a loan, foreign loan, lease-lend, lend-lease, lend, loan-shark, long-term loan, negotiate a loan, policy loan, secured loan, short-term loan, time loan, unsecured loan
Main Entry: loan shark
Shylock, accommodate with, advance, banker, float a loan, lease-lend, lend-lease, lend, lender, loan, loan officer, loaner, money broker, moneylender, moneymonger, mortgage holder, mortgagee, negotiate a loan, pawnbroker, shark, usurer
Main Entry: loan-sharking
Cosa Nostra, Mafia, advance, advancement, advancing, black market, bootlegging, exploitation, extortion, gambling, gray market, highway robbery, holdup, illegal commerce, illegal operations, illegitimate business, illicit business, lend-lease, lending, lending at interest, loaning, moneylending, moonshining, narcotics traffic, organized crime, overassessment, overcharge, prostitution, protection racket, racket, shady dealings, shylocking, surcharge, the rackets, the syndicate, traffic in women, usury, white slavery
Main Entry: savings and loan association
Bank of England, Bank of France, Federal Reserve bank, International Monetary Fund, Lombard Street bank, Swiss bank, World Bank, bank, branch bank, central bank, clearing house, commercial bank, credit union, farm loan bank, federal land bank, finance company, finance corporation, hock shop, investment bank, lending institution, member bank, moneyed corporation, mortgage company, mutual savings bank, national bank, nonmember bank, pawnbroker, pawnbrokery, pawnshop, reserve bank, savings bank, state bank, trust company
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