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Main Entry: libertine
Casanova, Don Juan, Lothario, Paphian, adulterer, amoral, bestial, broad-minded, carnal, debauched, debauchee, debaucher, decadent, degenerate, depraved, dirty, dirty old man, dissolute, fast, filthy, fornicator, free lance, free spirit, free trader, freethinker, freethinking, gallant, gay deceiver, gay dog, goatish, heartbreaker, hircine, horny, immoral, incontinent, independent, individualist, isolationist, lady-killer, lascivious, latitudinarian, lecher, lecherous, lewd, liberal, libertarian, libidinous, licentious, lover-boy, lubricious, lubricous, lustful, masher, mugwump, neutral, nonpartisan, old goat, open-minded, philander, philanderer, philandering, profligate, prurient, rake, rakehell, rakish, randy, reprobate, rip, roue, rounder, rugged individualist, ruttish, salacious, satyric, satyrical, seducer, skirt chaser, swinger, third force, third world, tolerant, unbigoted, walking phallus, wanton, whoremonger, wolf, woman chaser, womanizer