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Main Entry: leeway
aesthetic distance, air space, ample scope, blank check, caesura, carte blanche, clearance, compass, deep space, depths of space, discontinuity, distance, distance between, divergence, double space, drift, driftway, elbowroom, em space, en space, extent, farness, field, free course, free hand, free play, free scope, freeboard, freedom, full scope, full swing, hair space, half space, headroom, headway, hiatus, infinity, interim, intermediate space, interruption, interspace, interstice, interval, jump, lacuna, latitude, leap, length, light-years, long rope, maneuvering space, margin, mileage, no holds barred, open space, parsecs, perspective, piece, play, progress, range, reach, remoteness, room, room to spare, rope, scope, sea room, separation, single space, slack, space, space between, span, spare room, steerageway, sternway, stretch, stride, swing, time interval, tolerance, way, ways, wide berth
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