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Main Entry: large
Main Entry: at large
across the board, afoot and lighthearted, all, all in all, all put together, all things considered, altogether, as a body, as a rule, as a whole, as an approximation, at length, at liberty, bodily, broadly, broadly speaking, by and large, chiefly, clear, collectively, commonly, corporately, detached, diffusely, disengaged, dispersedly, easygoing, emancipated, en bloc, en masse, entirely, escaped, everywhere, fled, flown, footloose, footloose and fancy-free, free, free and easy, free as air, freeborn, freed, fugitive, generally, generally speaking, go-as-you-please, here and there, in a body, in all, in all quarters, in all respects, in bulk, in detail, in extenso, in full, in general, in its entirety, in places, in spots, in the aggregate, in the clear, in the gross, in the lump, in the mass, in toto, liberated, loose, mainly, mostly, normally, on all counts, on balance, on the loose, on the whole, ordinarily, out of, overall, passim, predominantly, prevailingly, released, roughly, roughly speaking, routinely, runaway, scot-free, sparsely, sparsim, speaking generally, sporadically, throughout, totally, tout ensemble, unattached, uncommitted, unengaged, uninvolved, usually, well out of, wherever you look, wholly
Main Entry: by and large
all in all, all things considered, almost entirely, altogether, approximately, as a rule, as a whole, as an approximation, at large, broadly, broadly speaking, chiefly, commonly, effectually, en masse, essentially, generally, generally speaking, in general, in the main, mainly, mostly, normally, on balance, on the whole, ordinarily, overall, predominantly, prevailingly, roughly, roughly speaking, routinely, speaking generally, substantially, usually, virtually
Main Entry: large-scale
big, broad, bumper, considerable, diffuse, extensive, far-embracing, far-extending, far-flung, far-flying, far-going, far-ranging, far-reaching, goodly, grand, great, healthy, hefty, indiscriminate, large, liberal, major, man-sized, numerous, sizable, substantial, sweeping, tall, tidy, wholesale, wide-extended, wide-extending, wide-ranging, wide-reaching, wide-stretching, wide, widespread
Main Entry: loom large
appear, be evident, be noticeable, be revealed, be seen, be visible, bulk, bulk large, exceed, glare, loom, meet the gaze, outsoar, outstrip, overtop, rear, rise above, shine out, shine through, show, show through, show up, soar, stand forth, stand out, strike the eye, tower, tower above, transcend