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Main Entry: knit
abbreviate, adhere, affix, anchor, annex, attach, belay, bind, braid, cement, cicatrize, cinch, circumscribe, clamp, clinch, close up, coarct, cocker, cockle, cohere, combine, come together, communicate, compact, compress, concentrate, condense, connect, consolidate, constrict, constringe, contract, converge, corrugate, cramp, crease, crimp, crimple, crinkle, crumple, curtail, decrease, draw, draw in, draw together, embrace, engraft, enlace, entwine, fasten, fix, furrow, graft, granulate, grapple, grow together, hang together, heal, heal over, hold together, intercommunicate, interconnect, interknit, interlace, intertie, intertissue, intertwine, intertwist, interweave, intort, join, knot, lace, link, loom, loop, make fast, mat, meet, mend, merge, moor, narrow, net, noose, plait, pleach, pucker, pucker up, purse, put to, raddle, reduce, ridge, right itself, rimple, ripple, ruck, ruckle, rumple, scab over, screw up, secure, set, set to, shirr, shorten, solidify, splice, strangle, strangulate, tie up, tighten, tissue, trice up, trim, twill, twine, twist, unite, wattle, weave, web, wimple, wreathe, wrinkle