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Main Entry: kitchen
automat, bakehouse, bakery, beanery, bistro, buffet, buvette, caboose, cafe, cafeteria, camboose, canteen, cantina, chophouse, chuck wagon, coffee shop, coffeehouse, coffeeroom, cookery, cookhouse, cooking, cookroom, cookshack, cookshop, cuisine, culinary, diner, dining hall, dining room, dog wagon, drive-in, drive-in restaurant, eatery, eating house, fast-food chain, galley, grill, grillroom, hamburger stand, hash house, hashery, hot-dog stand, kitchenette, larder, lunch counter, lunch wagon, luncheonette, lunchroom, mess hall, pantry, pizzeria, quick-lunch counter, restaurant, scullery, smoking room, smorgasbord, snack bar, storeroom, tavern, tearoom, trattoria
Main Entry: kitchen cabinet
British Cabinet, Sanhedrin, US Cabinet, advisory body, advisory council, assembly, association, bench, board, body of advisers, borough council, brain trust, cabinet, camarilla, chamber, city council, common council, conference, congress, consultative assembly, council, council fire, council of ministers, council of state, council of war, county council, court, deliberative assembly, diet, directory, divan, junta, legislature, ministry, parish council, privy council, shadow cabinet, soviet, staff, syndicate, synod, tribunal
Main Entry: kitchen police
KP, army, army group, battalion, battery, battle group, brigade, cadre, cohort, column, combat command, combat team, company, corps, detachment, detail, division, field army, field train, file, flying column, garrison, legion, maniple, organization, outfit, phalanx, platoon, posse, rank, regiment, section, squad, squadron, tactical unit, task force, train, troop, unit, wing
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