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Main Entry: juice
AC, DC, absorption current, active current, alcohol, alternating current, aqua vitae, beverage, blood, booze, conduction current, convection current, cycle, delta current, dielectric displacement current, direct current, displacement current, drink, eddy current, electric current, electric stream, emission current, essence, exciting current, extract, firewater, fluid, fluid extract, fluid mechanics, force, free alternating current, galvanic current, grog, high-frequency current, hooch, hydraulics, hydrogeology, idle current, induced current, induction current, ionization current, latex, liquid, liquid extract, liquor, low-frequency current, magnetizing current, milk, multiphase current, pith, power, pulsating direct current, reactive current, rotary current, sap, semiliquid, single-phase alternating current, spirit, spirits, stray current, strength, thermionic current, thermoelectric current, three-phase alternating current, tipple, vigor, vitality, voltaic current, water, watt current, whey
Main Entry: gastric juice
absorption, assimilation, autacoid, bile, chalone, digestion, digestive secretion, digestive system, endocrine, gall, gastrointestinal tract, hormone, ingestion, intestinal juice, liver, mucus, pancreas, pancreatic digestion, pancreatic juice, predigestion, prostatic fluid, rheum, saliva, salivary digestion, salivary glands, salivary secretion, secondary digestion, semen, sperm, tears, thyroxin
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