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Main Entry: johnny
Adamite, WC, backhouse, basement, bastard, bathroom, bedpan, being, bird, body, bugger, can, cat, chamber, chamber pot, chap, character, chemical closet, chemical toilet, closet, comfort station, commode, convenience, crapper, creature, customer, duck, earth closet, earthling, feller, fellow, groundling, guy, hand, head, homo, human, human being, individual, jasper, jerry, john, johnny house, joker, jordan, lad, latrine, lavatory, life, living soul, loo, man, mortal, necessary, nose, one, outhouse, party, person, personage, personality, piss pot, potty-chair, potty, powder room, privy, rest room, single, somebody, someone, soul, stool, stud, tellurian, terran, throne, thunder mug, toilet, toilet room, urinal, washroom, water closet, worldling
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