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Main Entry: john
WC, backhouse, basement, bathroom, bedpan, can, chamber, chamber pot, chemical closet, chemical toilet, closet, comfort station, commode, convenience, crapper, earth closet, head, jerry, johnny, johnny house, jordan, latrine, lavatory, loo, necessary, outhouse, piss pot, potty-chair, potty, powder room, privy, rest room, stool, throne, thunder mug, toilet, toilet room, water closet
Main Entry: John Doe
Everyman, Jane Doe, Public, Richard Roe, alias, anonym, assumed name, body politic, citizenry, common man, commonwealth, community, community at large, estate, everybody, everyman, everyone, everywoman, false name, fictitious name, folk, folks, general public, gentry, men, nation, nationality, nom de guerre, nom de plume, nom de theatre, pen name, people, people in general, persons, polity, populace, population, professional name, pseudonym, public, society, stage name, state, world, you and me
Main Entry: John Hancock
OK, X, acceptance, affirmance, affirmation, approbation, approval, authentication, authorization, autograph, certification, christcross, cipher, confirmation, countermark, countersign, countersignature, counterstamp, cross, device, endorsement, go-ahead, green light, hand, imprimatur, initials, mark, mark of signature, monogram, nod, notarization, okay, permission, ratification, rubber stamp, sanction, seal, sigil, sign manual, signature, signet, stamp, stamp of approval, subscription, the nod, validation, visa, vise, warrant
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