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Main Entry: invest
accommodate, afford, allot, anoint, apparel, arm, array, attire, authorize, base, bedeck, bedrape, beleaguer, bequeath, beset, besiege, bless with, blockade, box, budget, build, build in, bundle up, buy in, buy into, case, chair, close, clothe, clothe with power, compass, compass about, consecrate, contribute, cost, cost out, crate, crown, deck, deputize, devote, dight, disburse, donate, dower, drape, dress, dud, embay, embosom, embox, embrace, empower, enable, encapsulate, encase, encircle, enclasp, enclose, enclothe, encompass, endow, endow with, endue, enfold, enlist, enrobe, enroll, enshroud, enthrone, envelop, environ, enwrap, establish, expend, favor with, fill, fill up, financier, find, fix, fork out, found, fund, furnish, garb, garment, give, go around, go round, go through, grace with, ground, habilitate, harass, harry, honor, imbue, inaugurate, incur costs, induct, ingrain, initiate, inoculate, install, instate, invest in, involve, keep, lap, lay out, lay out money, lay siege to, lay the foundation, leaven, maintain, make an investment, make available, make provision for, muffle up, open the purse, ordain, outlay, pack, package, pay, pay out, pitch, place, place in office, plant, plow back into, plunge, prepare, present, provide, provide for, put, put in, put out, put up, rag out, raiment, recruit, reinvest, replenish, risk, robe, run through, schedule, seat, set, set up, settle on, settle upon, sheathe, shell out, shroud, sign on, sign up, sink, sink money in, smother, soften up, speculate, spend, splurge, squander, steep, stock, store, subsidize, suffuse, supply, support, surround, swaddle, swathe, swear in, throne, throw money around, tire, veil, venture, vest, vest with, wrap, wrap about, wrap up, yield