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Main Entry: intimate
absolute, acquaintance, acquainted with, adumbrate, advocate, affectionate, allegorize, allied, allude to, alter ego, amigo, anonymous, approaching, approximate, approximating, arm-in-arm, assembled, associate, associated, assume, at home in, at home with, attest, backer, banded together, bespeak, best friend, betoken, bosom, bosom friend, bound, bracketed, bring to mind, brother, buddy-buddy, buddy, burning, carnal, casual acquaintance, caution, central, certain, chatty, cheek-by-jowl, cheerful, cherished, chum, chummy, close, close acquaintance, close friend, closet, colleague, collected, comfortable, comfy, communicate, companion, comrade, concrete, confidant, confidante, confident, confidential, confrere, conjoined, connected, connote, conversant with, copulate, cosy, coupled, cozy, crony, dear, deep-seated, deep, defined, definite, detailed, determinate, devoted, different, distinct, distinguished, drop a hint, elemental, entail, esoteric, especial, essential, exceptional, exhaustive, express, extraordinary, familiar, familiar with, favorer, fellow, fellow creature, fellowman, fixed, fond, friend, friendly, gathered, give a hint, give the cue, glance at, hand-in-glove, hand-in-hand, hand and glove, hidden, hint, hint at, homelike, homely, homey, homish, hot, implicate, imply, import, inborn, inbred, incognito, incorporated, indicate, individual, indoor, indwelling, infer, informal, informed in, ingrained, inmost, innate, inner, innermost, inseparable, inseparable friend, inside, insinuate, integrated, interior, internal, intestine, intimate with, intrinsic, involve, inward, isolated, joined, knotted, leagued, linked, lover, loving, make known, master of, matched, mate, mated, mean, mean to say, merged, minute, mucker, near, near the mark, nearest, nearing, nearish, neighbor, next, nigh, nighish, noteworthy, other self, paired, pal, pally, palsy-walsy, particular, partisan, peaceful, penetrating, personal, pickup, plain, point indirectly to, precise, presume, presuppose, private, privy, proficient in, profound, prompt, propinque, proximal, proximate, refer to, repository, respective, retired, secluded, secret, sequestered, several, sexual, side-by-side, sidekick, simple, singular, snug, solipsistic, special, specific, spliced, strong in, suggest, supporter, suppose, sympathizer, take for granted, tete-a-tete, thick, thick as thieves, thorough, tied, tip off, undivided, united, unpretending, unseparated, up on, versed in, vicinal, warm, warn, wedded, well-read in, well-wisher, withdrawn, yoked
Main entries similar to: intimate
absolute, acquaintance, adumbrate, advocate, allegorize, allied, allude to, alter ego, amigo, amount, announce, anonymous, approaching, approximate, arm in arm, assembled, associate, associated, assume, augur, backer, bosom, bound, bring to mind, brother, burning, central, certain, chatty, cheerful, cheery, close, closet, clue, collected, comfortable, concrete, confidant, confide, confidential, connected, connote, coupled, cozy, deep, defined, definite, detailed, determinate, different, distinct, distinguished, drive, elemental, entail, esoteric, especial, exceptional, express, extraordinary, familiar, fellow, fellowman, fixed, friend, friendly, gathered, glance at, good, gossip, great, gut, hand-in-hand, hint, homelike, homely, homey, hot, impart, implicate, imply, import, impute, in the neighborhood of, incognito, incorporated, indicate, individual, individualistic, infer, inherent, inmost, inner, innermost, inseparable, inside, insinuate, integrated, interior, internal, intrinsic, involve, inward, isolated, joined, knotted, leagued, linked, lover, make, matched, mate, mated, mean, mention, merged, minute, near, nearing, neighbor, nigh, noteworthy, notify, other self, paired, partake, particular, partisan, peaceful, personal, pickup, plain, precise, predict, presume, presuppose, private, privy, prompt, proximate, remind, repository, respective, retired, rumor, secluded, seem, sequestered, several, signify, simple, singular, snug, sociable, special, specific, spicy, spliced, suggest, supporter, suppose, sympathizer, take for granted, talk, tell, thick, tied, undivided, united, visceral, warm, wedded, well-wisher, withdrawn, yoked