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Main Entry: intermit
alternate, arrest, be here again, break, break off, call a break, call time, check, circle, cleanse, cleanse away, come again, come and go, come around, come round, come round again, come up again, cut off, cycle, declare a recess, defer, delay, deliver, discharge, fluctuate, free, free from, give release, give respite, hold off, hold over, hold up, interlude, interrupt, interval, intervene, lack regularity, oscillate, pause, postpone, prorogue, pulsate, pulse, purge, purge away, put off, reappear, recess, recur, release, remove, reoccur, repeat, reprieve, return, revolve, roll around, rotate, snap the thread, stay, suspend, take a break, take five, take ten, turn, undulate, vary, wheel, wheel around
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