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Main Entry: intercept
arrest, attend, attend to, auscultate, be all ears, bend an ear, block, bottle up, bug, catch, check, cock the ears, countercheck, curb, cut off, dam up, damp, dampen, deflect, delay, detain, eavesdrop, examine by ear, give attention, give audience to, give ear, grab, hark, head off, hear, hear out, hearken, heed, hinder, hold back, hold in check, hold up, impede, inhibit, interfere, interfere with, intermeddle, interrupt, intervene, keep back, keep in check, lend an ear, listen, listen at, listen in, listen to, meddle, oppose, repress, resist, restrain, retard, scotch, seize, set back, sit in on, slacken, snub, stop, suppress, take, tap, trap, wiretap
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