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Main Entry: infuse
animate, bathe, beat into, besprinkle, brainwash, breathe, brew, catechize, colliquate, color, concentrate, condition, cut, decoagulate, decoct, deliquesce, diffuse, dissolve, distill, douche, dredge, drench, drouk, dye, ease in, embue, enliven, entincture, essentialize, exhilarate, express, fire, flavor, fluidify, fluidize, flush, flux, fuse, hold in solution, imbrue, imbue, implant, impregnate, impress, inculcate, indoctrinate, infect, infiltrate, infix, inform, ingrain, inject, inoculate, insert, insinuate, inspire, inspirit, instill, interject, interlard, intersow, intersperse, intersprinkle, introduce, intromit, invest, lave, leach, leaven, liquefy, liquesce, liquidize, lixiviate, macerate, melt, melt down, penetrate, percolate, perfuse, permeate, pervade, pop in, press out, program, put in, refine, render, rinse, run, saturate, season, seethe, set in, slip in, soak, sodden, solubilize, solve, sop, souse, spirit, spirit up, steep, stick in, suffuse, temper, thaw, thin, throw in, tincture, tinge, transfuse, tuck in, unclot, wash, waterlog, whip in, wring, wring out