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Main Entry: infer
allegorize, allude to, analyze, apply reason, assume, be afraid, believe, bring to mind, collect, conceive, conclude, connote, consider, daresay, deduce, deduct, deem, derive, divine, dope, draw, draw a conclusion, draw an inference, dream, entail, expect, extract, fancy, feel, fetch, find, gather, generalize, glean, grant, guess, hint, hypothesize, imagine, implicate, imply, import, induce, insinuate, intellectualize, intimate, involve, let, let be, logicalize, logicize, mean, mean to say, opine, philosophize, point indirectly to, prefigure, presume, presuppose, presurmise, provide a rationale, provisionally accept, rationalize, reason, reason that, reckon, repute, say, suggest, suppose, surmise, suspect, syllogize, synthesize, take, take as proved, take for, take for granted, take it, take to be, theorize, think, understand, use reason