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Main Entry: individualistic
absolute, acquisitive, ambitious for self, autarchic, autarkic, autistic, autonomous, bourgeois, capitalist, careerist, certain, concrete, defined, definite, detailed, determinate, different, distinct, distinguished, egotistical, esoteric, especial, exceptional, express, extraordinary, fixed, free-enterprise, free-spirited, freewheeling, grasping, greedy, heretical, heterodox, independent, individual, individualist, inner-directed, inner, intimate, minute, narcissistic, neutral, nonaligned, nonconformist, nonpartisan, nonsocialistic, noteworthy, particular, personal, personalistic, possessive, precise, private-enterprise, private, privatistic, remote, respective, self-absorbed, self-admiring, self-advancing, self-besot, self-centered, self-considerative, self-contained, self-dependent, self-determined, self-devoted, self-directing, self-esteeming, self-governed, self-governing, self-indulgent, self-interested, self-jealous, self-occupied, self-pleasing, self-reliant, self-seeking, self-serving, self-subsistent, self-sufficient, self-supporting, selfish, several, singular, solipsistic, sovereign, special, specific, third-force, third-world, unorthodox