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Main Entry: indisputable
absolute, actual, adducible, admissible, admitting no exception, admitting no question, all-out, apparent, attestative, attestive, authentic, based on, beyond doubt, categorical, certain, circumstantial, clear, clear as crystal, complete, conclusive, confirmable, convincing, crystal-clear, cumulative, damning, decided, decisive, definite, definitive, demonstrable, demonstratable, determinate, determinative, discernible, distinct, documentary, documented, downright, entire, evident, evidential, evidentiary, ex parte, explicit, express, eye-witness, factual, final, firsthand, fixed, flat-out, flat, founded on, global, grounded on, hearsay, historical, implicit, inappealable, incontestable, incontrovertible, indicative, indubitable, irrefragable, irrefutable, irresistible, manifest, material, noticeable, nuncupative, observable, obvious, open-and-shut, out-and-out, outright, overwhelming, palpable, patent, perceivable, perceptible, peremptory, perfect, perspicuous, plain, plain as day, positive, presumptive, probative, provable, real, reliable, round, seeable, self-evident, self-explaining, self-explanatory, significant, straight-out, straight, suggestive, sure, symptomatic, tangible, telling, testable, to be seen, total, true, unanswerable, uncircumscribed, unconditional, unconditioned, unconfutable, uncontestable, undeniable, undoubting, unequivocal, unhampered, unhesitating, unimpeachable, unlimited, unmistakable, unmitigated, unqualified, unquestionable, unquestioning, unrefutable, unreserved, unrestricted, unwaivable, utter, valid, veridical, verifiable, visible, weighty, whole, without exception, without reserve
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