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Main Entry: holdup
afterthought, armed robbery, arrest, arrestation, arrestment, asportation, assault and robbery, banditry, bank robbery, bind, block, blockage, blocking, bureaucratic delay, cattle lifting, cattle stealing, check, clogging, closing up, closure, constriction, cramp, dead time, deceleration, delay, delayage, delayed reaction, detainment, detention, double take, drag, dragging, ease-off, ease-up, exploitation, extortion, fixation, flagging, foot-dragging, gain, halt, hampering, hang-up, heist, highway robbery, hijacking, hindering, hindrance, holdback, hysteresis, impediment, inhibition, interference, interim, interruption, jam, lag, lagging, let, letdown, letup, loan-sharking, logjam, minus acceleration, moratorium, mugging, negativism, nuisance value, obstruction, obstructionism, occlusion, opposition, output lag, overassessment, overcharge, paperasserie, pause, pocket picking, process lag, purse snatching, red-tapeism, red-tapery, red tape, repression, reprieve, resistance, respite, restraint, restriction, retardance, retardation, retardment, robbery, robbing, setback, shylocking, slack-up, slackening, slow-up, slowdown, slowing, slowing down, slowness, slowup, squeeze, stay, stay of execution, stickup, stickup job, stop, stoppage, stranglehold, stricture, suppression, surcharge, suspension, throughput, tie-up, time constants, time lag, time lead, usury, wait