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Main Entry: gone
ablated, absconded, absent, ago, all gone, all in, anemic, annihilated, antiquated, antique, asleep, asleep in Jesus, asthenic, at rest, away, beat, beat up, beaten, bereft of life, beyond recall, beyond remedy, big, bloodless, blown over, bone-weary, breathless, burnt up, bushed, by, by the board, bygone, bypast, called home, carrion, chicken, consumed, cowardly, croaked, cureless, dated, dead-and-alive, dead-tired, dead, dead and buried, dead and gone, deadbeat, death-struck, debilitated, deceased, defunct, deleted, demised, departed, departed this life, depleted, destitute of life, disappeared, dissipated, dog-tired, dog-weary, done, done for, done in, done up, down the drain, drained, drooping, droopy, dull, eaten up, effete, elapsed, eroded, etiolated, exanimate, exhausted, expectant, expecting, expended, expired, extinct, fagged out, faint, faintish, fallen, feeble, finished, flabby, flaccid, floppy, food for worms, forfeit, forfeited, forgotten, gone-by, gone away, gone glimmering, gone off, gone to glory, gone west, grand, gutless, had it, has-been, heavy, imbecile, immedicable, impotent, impoverished, inanimate, incorrigible, incurable, inoperable, irreclaimable, irrecoverable, irredeemable, irreformable, irremediable, irreparable, irretrievable, irreversible, irrevocable, kaput, kaputt, knocked out, lacking, languid, languorous, lapsed, late, late lamented, launched into eternity, left, lifeless, limber, limp, listless, long-lost, lost, lost to, lost to sight, lost to view, lustless, marrowless, martyred, missing, nerveless, no longer present, no more, nonattendant, nonexistent, not found, not present, obsolete, omitted, out of sight, out the window, over, parturient, passe, passed, passed away, passed on, past, past and gone, past hope, past praying for, perished, pithless, played out, pooped, pooped out, powerless, prostrate, pushing up daisies, ready to drop, released, remediless, reposing, resting easy, rubbery, ruined, run out, sainted, sapless, shrunken, sinewless, slack, sleeping, smitten with death, soft, spent, spineless, squandered, still, stillborn, strengthless, subtracted, taken away, taken off, terminal, tired out, tired to death, tuckered out, undone, unhardened, unmitigable, unnerved, unrelievable, unsalvable, unsalvageable, unstrung, used, used up, vanished, wanting, washed-up, wasted, weak, weakly, weary unto death, whacked, wiped out, with the Lord, with the saints, without life, without vital functions, worn-out, worn away, wound up
Main Entry: be gone
be all over, be consumed, be past, cease, cease to be, cease to exist, dematerialize, depart, die, die away, die out, disappear, dispel, disperse, dissipate, dissolve, do a fade-out, dwindle, elapse, erode, evanesce, evaporate, exit, fade, fade away, fade out, flee, fly, go, go away, have run out, hide, lapse, leave no trace, leave the scene, melt, melt away, pass, pass away, pass out, perish, retire from sight, sink, sink away, suffer an eclipse, vanish, vanish from sight, waste, waste away, wear away
Main Entry: far-gone
absorbed in, addled, all in, attached to, ausgespielt, beery, bemused, besotted, bleary, blind drunk, caught up in, crapulent, crapulous, crazy about, depleted, devoted to, dizzy, done, done up, drained, drenched, drunk, drunken, effete, emptied, enamored of, enmeshed in, entangled in, exhausted, far gone on, fatigued, flustered, fond of, fou, frazzled, full, gay, giddy, glorious, gone on, happy, hipped on, immersed in, implicated in, in liquor, in love with, inebriate, inebriated, inebrious, intoxicated, involved in, jaded, jolly, laid low, mad about, maudlin, mellow, merry, muddled, nappy, nuts about, partial to, played out, pooped, reeling, run-down, shikker, shotten, smitten with, sodden, sotted, spent, struck with, stuck on, submerged in, sweet on, taken with, tiddly, tied up in, tipsy, tired, under the influence, used up, washed-out, wedded to, wild about, worn-out, wrapped up in
Main Entry: gone by
ago, antiquated, antique, back, back when, backward, blown over, by, bygone, bypast, dated, dead, dead and buried, deceased, defunct, departed, disused, elapsed, expired, extinct, finished, forgotten, gone-by, gone, gone glimmering, gone out, has-been, into the past, irrecoverable, lapsed, no more, obsolete, out, out of style, out of use, outworn, over, passe, passed, passed away, past, reminiscently, retroactively, retrospectively, run out, since, vanished, wound up
Main Entry: gone on
ape about, attached to, bugs on, cracked on, crazy about, devoted to, enamored of, far gone on, fond of, freaked-out, gaga over, hepped up over, hipped on, hot about, in love with, mad about, nuts about, nuts on, partial to, smitten with, starry-eyed over, steamed up about, struck with, stuck on, sweet on, taken with, turned-on, wedded to, wild about, wrapped up in
Main Entry: gone to seed
crumbling, dense, dilapidated, dusty, exuberant, flourishing, fusty, gross, heavy, impenetrable, jungled, jungly, lush, luxuriant, mildewed, moldering, moldy, moss-grown, moth-eaten, musty, on the downgrade, out of condition, out of shape, out of training, overgrown, overrun, rank, riotous, ruined, ruinous, run to seed, rusty, slipping, soft, stale, stiff, thick, time-scarred, timeworn, unweeded, weed-choked, weed-ridden, weedy, worn
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