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Main Entry: generation
Platonic year, abiogenesis, aeon, age, age group, annus magnus, archigenesis, authorship, begetting, beginning, biogenesis, birth, blastogenesis, breeding, coinage, conception, concoction, contrivance, contriving, creation, creative effort, crop, crossbreeding, cycle, cycle of indiction, date, day, days, development, devising, digenesis, dissogeny, endogamy, engenderment, epigenesis, epoch, era, establishment, eumerogenesis, fabrication, fathering, formation, formulation, genesis, great year, hatching, heterogenesis, histogenesis, homogenesis, improvisation, inbreeding, inception, indiction, initiation, institution, invention, isogenesis, life, lifetime, linebreeding, making do, merogenesis, metagenesis, mintage, monogenesis, multiplication, origination, orthogenesis, outbreeding, pangenesis, parthenogenesis, period, period of existence, procreation, production, proliferation, propagation, reproduction, spontaneous generation, start, time, times, xenogamy
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