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Main Entry: forest
afforestation, afforestational, arboreous, arboretum, back country, backwoods, bed, boondock, boondocks, borderland, bosky, braky, broadcast, brush, bush, bush country, bushveld, bushy, chase, climax forest, cloud forest, coppice, copse, copsy, dendrologic, dendrology, dibble, disseminate, drill, forest land, forest preserve, forestal, forested, forestry, forests, fringing forest, frontier, gallery forest, greenwood, grove, hanger, hinterland, implant, index forest, inseminate, jungle, jungles, national forest, outback, outpost, palmetto barrens, park, park forest, pine barrens, plant, pot, primeval forest, protection forest, put in, rain forest, reforest, reforestation, reforestational, reset, retimber, scatter seed, scrub, scrubby, scrubland, seed, seed down, selection forest, seminate, set, shrubby, shrubland, silvicultural, silviculture, sow, sow broadcast, sprout forest, stand of timber, state forest, sylvan, the bush, thicket, timber, timbered, timberland, timbers, transplant, tree veld, uninhabited region, up-country, virgin forest, virgin land, virgin territory, wasteland, weald, wild West, wilderness, wilds, wildwood, wood, wooded, woodland, woodlands, woods, woodsy, woody
Main Entry: forest god
Cailleac, Ceres, Cora, Demeter, Dionysos, Dionysus, Faunus, Flora, Frey, Gaea, Gaia, Kore, Pan, Persephassa, Persephone, Pomona, Priapus, Proserpina, Proserpine, Triptolemos, Triptolemus, Vidar, Vitharr, corn god, corn spirit, faun, fertility god, field spirit, panisc, panisca, paniscus, satyr, silenus, sylvan deity, the goat god, vegetation spirit
Main Entry: forest ranger
Audubon Society, National Wildlife Service, Sierra Club, air warden, arboriculturist, attendant, caretaker, castellan, conservationist, conservator, curator, custodian, deliverer, forester, game warden, gamekeeper, governor, guardian, guardian angel, janitor, keeper, lifeguard, lifesaver, logger, lumberjack, lumberman, next friend, preservationist, preserver, prochein ami, ranger, rescuer, safekeeper, saver, savior, shepherd, silviculturist, steward, taxidermist, timberman, tree farmer, warden, warder, wood chopper, woodcraftsman, woodcutter, woodman, woodsman
Main Entry: petrified forest
ancient manuscript, antique, antiquity, archaism, artifact, cave painting, eolith, fossil, mezzolith, microlith, neolith, paleolith, petrification, petrified wood, petroglyph, plateaulith, relic, reliquiae, remains, ruin, ruins, survival, vestige
Main Entry: rain forest
afforestation, arboretum, boondocks, bush, bushveld, chase, climax forest, cloud forest, dendrology, forest, forest land, forest preserve, forestry, fringing forest, gallery forest, greenwood, hanger, index forest, jungle, jungles, national forest, palmetto barrens, park, park forest, pine barrens, primeval forest, protection forest, reforestation, scrub, scrubland, selection forest, shrubland, silviculture, sprout forest, stand of timber, state forest, timber, timberland, tree veld, virgin forest, wildwood, wood, woodland, woods
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