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Main Entry: foolproof
adaptable, airtight, ballproof, bombproof, bulletproof, burglarproof, certain, convenient, corrosionproof, dampproof, dependable, ductile, feasible, fire-resisting, fireproof, flameproof, flexible, guaranteed, handy, hermetic, holeproof, impervious to, infallible, leakproof, malleable, manageable, maneuverable, noiseproof, pliable, pliant, practical, proof, proof against, punctureproof, reliable, resistant, rustproof, safe, shatterproof, shellproof, soundproof, sure-fire, sure, tight, tractable, trustworthy, unfailing, untroublesome, warranted, watertight, weatherproof, wieldable, wieldy, yielding
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