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Main Entry: flirtation
adulterous affair, adultery, affair, agacerie, allure, allurement, amorous looks, amour, appeal, attraction, attractiveness, beguilement, beguiling, bewitchery, bewitchment, blandishment, cajolery, captivation, charisma, charm, charmingness, come-hither, come-hither look, coquetry, coquettish glances, coquettishness, coyness, cuckoldry, dabbling, dalliance, dallying, enchantment, entanglement, enthrallment, enticement, entrapment, eternal triangle, fascination, fiddling, flirtatiousness, fooling, fooling around, forbidden fruit, forbidden love, glamour, goo-goo eyes, hanky-panky, idling, illicit love, inducement, infidelity, interest, intrigue, inveiglement, invitation, jerking off, kidding around, liaison, loitering, love affair, magnetism, messing around, monkeying, monkeying around, ogle, piddling, playing, playing around, pottering, puttering, romance, romantic tie, seducement, seduction, seductiveness, sex appeal, smattering, snaring, tantalization, temptation, tinkering, toying, triangle, trifling, unfaithfulness, winning ways, winsomeness, witchery, wooing