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Main Entry: flagellation
Albigensianism, Catharism, Day of Atonement, Franciscanism, Sabbatarianism, Trappism, Waldensianism, Yoga, Yom Kippur, abstinence, anchoritic monasticism, anchoritism, asceticism, austerity, bastinado, basting, battery, beating, belting, buffeting, caning, clubbing, cold purgatorial fires, corporal punishment, cowhiding, cudgeling, drubbing, eremitism, fasting, flailing, flogging, fustigation, hair shirt, horsewhipping, lacing, lashing, lustration, maceration, mendicantism, monachism, monasticism, mortification, penance, penitence, penitential act, penitential exercise, pistol-whipping, purgation, purgatory, puritanism, rawhiding, repentance, rigor, sackcloth and ashes, scourging, self-denial, self-mortification, spanking, strapping, stripes, swingeing, switching, thrashing, trouncing, truncheoning, voluntary poverty, whipping

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