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Main Entry: finance
accounting, acknowledge, afford support, aid, angel, assets, assist, back, bank, banking, bankroll, bear, bear out, bear the expense, bear up, bolster, bolster up, business, buttress, capital, capitalize, cash, chip in, commerce, crutch, defray, defray expenses, economics, finances, foot the bill, fund, funds, give support, go Dutch, grubstake, help, hold up, holdings, honor a bill, invest in, investment, keep, lend support, maintain, money, patronize, pay for, pay the bill, pay the bills, pay the piper, pension, pension off, promote, prop, prop up, provide for, redeem, refinance, reinforce, resources, set up, shore, shore up, sponsor, stake, stand the costs, subsidize, subvene, subvention, subventionize, support, sustain, undergird, underwrite, upbear, uphold, upkeep, wealth, wherewithal
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