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Main Entry: fighting
Chinese boxing, Kilkenny cats, aggressive, all-out war, altercation, antagonistic, appeal to arms, argument, armed combat, armed conflict, attack, battle, battling, bellicose, belligerence, belligerency, belligerent, bickering, bloodshed, bloodthirsty, bloody-minded, bloody, bout, boxing, boxing match, cat-and-dog life, chauvinist, chauvinistic, close fighting, combat, combative, conflict, contending, contention, contentious, contentiousness, contest, contestant, contestation, contesting, controversy, cut and thrust, debate, disputant, disputation, dispute, enemy, enmity, ferocious, fierce, fisticuffs, full of fight, hawkish, hostile, hostilities, hostility, hot war, infighting, inimical, jingo, jingoish, jingoist, jingoistic, la guerre, litigation, logomachy, martial, might of arms, militant, militaristic, military, military operations, offensive, open hostilities, open war, paper war, polemic, prizefight, prizefighting, pugilism, pugnacious, quarrel, quarreling, quarrelsome, quarrelsomeness, resort to arms, saber-rattling, sanguinary, sanguineous, savage, savate, scrapping, scrappy, shadowboxing, shooting war, soldierlike, soldierly, spar, squabbling, state of war, strife, striving, struggle, struggling, the clinches, the fights, the ring, the sword, total war, trigger-happy, truculent, unfriendly, unpacific, unpeaceable, unpeaceful, war, war of words, warfare, warlike, warmaking, warmongering, warring, wartime, words, wrangling
Main Entry: fighting man
Amazon, air serviceman, brave, cannon fodder, fighter, food for powder, halberdier, hoplite, legionary, man-at-arms, military man, navy man, pikeman, rifle, rifleman, serviceman, soldier, spearman, swaddy, sweat, warrior, warrioress