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Main Entry: feed
abet, aid and abet, allay, appease, ask for, assuage, bank, banquet, barley, bed, bed down, bird seed, board, bran, bread, break, break bread, breed, bridle, brush, bunker, burn, care for, cat food, cater, cherish, chicken feed, chop, chow, coal, coddle, conflagrate, corn, cosset, count calories, countenance, cradle, cultivate, culture, curry, currycomb, deliver, depend on, detonate, devour, diet, dine, dish out, dispense, dog food, drench, dry-nurse, eat, eatage, eats, edibles, encourage, enkindle, ensilage, entertainment, explode, fall to, fan the flame, fare, farm, fatten, feast, feed the fire, fill up, find, fire, fodder, fondle, food, forage, foster, fuel, fuel up, fulminate, furnish, gas, gas up, gentle, give encouragement, grain, grass, gratify, graze, groom, grow, grub, hand, hand over, handle, harness, hatch, hay, hitch, hunger, ignite, inflame, invite, keep, keep in countenance, kindle, lavish care on, light, light up, litter, maintain, manage, mash, meal, meat, mess, milk, mother, nourish, nurse, nurture, oats, oil, pamper, partake, partake of, pasturage, pasture, pet food, pitch in, provender, provide, provide for, provision, provisions, purvey, quench, raise, ranch, rear, refection, refreshment, refuel, regale, regalement, rekindle, relight, relish, relume, repas, repast, rub down, run, saddle, sate, satiate, satisfy, savor, scratch, scratch feed, sell, set fire to, set on fire, silage, slake, slops, spoon-feed, spread, stir the fire, stoke, stoke the fire, straw, strike a light, suckle, supply, support, sustain, swill, table, take, tame, taste, tend, top off, torch, touch off, train, treat, viands, victual, victuals, water, wet-nurse, wheat, wine and dine, yoke
Main Entry: chicken feed
barley, bird seed, bran, bric-a-brac, cat food, chaff, chickenshit, chop, corn, details, dog food, eatage, ensilage, feed, fodder, forage, froth, gimcrackery, grain, hay, knickknackery, mash, meal, minutiae, oats, pasturage, pasture, peanuts, pet food, provender, rubbish, scratch, scratch feed, silage, slops, small beer, small change, straw, swill, trash, trifles, trivia, trumpery, wheat
Main Entry: feed on
batten on, batten upon, browse, consume, crop, devour, eat, fatten on, fatten upon, feast on, feast upon, graze, ingest, live off of, live on, meal, partake of, pasture on, prey on, sponge, sponge on, take
Main Entry: spoon-feed