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Main Entry: fed
Bow Street runner, FBI, FBI agent, Federal, G-man, MP, Secret Service, Sherlock Holmes, T-man, agent, amanuensis, baggage agent, bailiff, beadle, beagle, bound bailiff, business agent, captain, catchpole, chief of police, claim agent, clerk, commercial agent, commission agent, commissioner, consignee, constable, customer agent, deputy, deputy sheriff, detective, dupe, factor, federal, federal agent, flic, freight agent, functionary, gendarme, general agent, government man, hotel detective, house detective, house dick, implement, inquiry agent, inspector, instrument, insurance agent, investigator, land agent, law agent, lictor, lieutenant, literary agent, loan agent, mace-bearer, marshal, mounted policeman, narc, news agent, officer, official, operative, parliamentary agent, passenger agent, patrolman, peace officer, plainclothesman, police captain, police commissioner, police constable, police detective, police inspector, police matron, police officer, police sergeant, policeman, policewoman, portreeve, press agent, private detective, private investigator, puppet, purchasing agent, real estate agent, reeve, revenuer, roundsman, sales agent, secretary, sergeant, sergeant at arms, sheriff, sleuth, special agent, station agent, steward, store detective, superintendent, theatrical agent, ticket agent, tipstaff, tipstaves, tool, travel agent, treasury agent, trooper, walking delegate
Main Entry: fed up
allayed, blase, cloyed, crammed, disgusted, dispirited, engorged, full, full of, glutted, good and tired, gorged, irked, jaded, life-weary, melancholic, melancholy, overfed, overfull, overgorged, oversaturated, overstuffed, replete, sated, satiated, satisfied, saturated, sick, sick of, slaked, splenetic, stuffed, supersaturated, surfeited, tired, tired of, tired of living, tired to death, wearied, weariful, weary, weary unto death, with a bellyful, with a snootful, with enough of, world-weary