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Main Entry: expand
add to, adulterate, aggrandize, amplify, attenuate, augment, balloon, beef up, bloat, blow up, bolster, boost, branch, branch out, broaden, build, build up, bulk, bulk out, complete, crescendo, cut, deal in generalities, deepen, deploy, descant, detail, develop, dilate, dilute, discourse, disperse, distend, ecumenicize, elaborate, embellish, enlarge, enlarge upon, enter into detail, etherealize, evolve, exalt, expatiate, explicate, extend, fan, fan out, fatten, fill out, flare, generalize, globalize, go into, greaten, grow, heighten, hike, hike up, huff, increase, inflate, jack up, jump up, labor, lengthen, magnify, make a generalization, maximize, mount, multiply, mushroom, open, open up, outspread, outstretch, overgrow, overrun, parlay, particularize, prolong, protract, puff, puff up, pump, pump up, put up, pyramid, raise, ramify, rarefy, rehearse in extenso, relate at large, snowball, spell out, splay, spraddle, sprangle, sprawl, spread, spread like wildfire, spread out, stretch, subtilize, sufflate, swell, thicken, thin, thin out, tumefy, unfold, universalize, up, upsurge, vise, water, water down, wax, widen, work out