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Main Entry: evil
Loki, Nemesis, Set, Typhon, aberrant, abnormal, abominable, abomination, accursed, ado, affliction, agony, amorality, angry, anguish, annoyance, anxiety, apocalyptic, arrant, atrocious, atrocity, awful, backsliding, bad, badness, baleful, bane, baneful, base, baseness, befoulment, besetment, bitchy, black, blamable, blameworthy, blight, bodeful, boding, bother, breach, bugbear, burden, calamitous, calamity, can of worms, carnality, cataclysm, catastrophe, catastrophic, catty, corrupt, corruption, crime, crime against humanity, criminal, criminality, crooked, crushing burden, crying evil, curse, damage, damaging, damnable, dark, deadly, deadly sin, death, debt, defilement, degeneracy, degradation, deleterious, delinquency, delinquent, depraved, depravity, dereliction, despiteful, despoliation, destruction, destructive, detriment, detrimental, deviant, devilry, deviltry, diablerie, diabolism, difficult, dire, dirty, disadvantage, disagreeable, disaster, disastrous, disease, disgrace, disgraceful, disgusting, dishonest, dishonorable, distasteful, doomful, dreadful, dreary, enormity, error, evil-minded, evil-starred, evil nature, evildoing, evilness, execrable, failure, fateful, fault, felonious, felony, fetid, flagitious, flagitiousness, flagrant, foreboding, foul, foulness, genocide, ghastly, gloomy, great ado, grievance, grisly, guilty act, hard, hardly the thing, harm, harmful, hateful, havoc, headache, heavy sin, heinous, heinousness, hideous, horrible, horrid, hurt, hurtful, ignominious, ill-boding, ill-fated, ill-omened, ill-starred, ill, illegal, immoral, immorality, improper, impropriety, impurity, inaccurate, inappropriate, inauspicious, inconvenience, incorrect, indecorous, indiscretion, inexpedient, inexpiable sin, infamous, infamy, infection, infelicitous, inferior, infliction, iniquitous, iniquity, injurious, injury, injustice, insidious, invalid, knavery, knavish, lapse, lethal, loathsome, low, lowering, malefaction, malefic, maleficence, maleficent, malevolent, malfeasance, malign, malignant, malum, matter, menacing, mephitic, minor wrong, mischief, mischievous, misconduct, misdeed, misdemeanor, misery, misfeasance, misfortune, monstrous, moral delinquency, mortal sin, nasty, naughty, nefarious, nefariousness, nemesis, nonfeasance, not done, not the thing, noxious, obliquity, obscene, of evil portent, off-base, off-color, offense, offensive, ominous, omission, open wound, out-of-line, outrage, pain, peccability, peccadillo, peccancy, peccant, peck of troubles, perfidious, pernicious, pest, pestilence, pestilential, plague, poison, poisonous, pollution, portending, portentous, problem, prodigality, profligacy, putrid, rancorous, rank, recidivism, repellent, reprehensible, reprobacy, reprobate, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, ruin, ruinous, running sore, sacrilegious, satanism, scandal, scandalous, scourge, sea of troubles, shame, shameful, shameless, sin, sin of commission, sin of omission, sinful, sinful act, sinfulness, sinister, slip, somber, sorrow, spiteful, stinking, suffering, terrible, the worst, thorn, threatening, torment, tort, toxic, toxin, traitorous, transgression, treacherous, trespass, trip, trouble, trying, turpitude, ugly, unangelicalness, unchastity, uncleanness, underhanded, undue, unfavorable, unfit, unfitting, unforgivable, unfortunate, ungodliness, ungoodness, unhealthy, unkind, unlawful, unlucky, unmorality, unpardonable, unpleasant, unprincipled, unpromising, unpropitious, unrighteous, unrighteousness, unsaintliness, unscrupulous, unseemly, unskillful, unspeakable, unsuitable, untoward, unutterable sin, unvirtuousness, unworthy, venial sin, venom, vexation, vice, vicious, viciousness, vile, vileness, villainous, villainy, virulent, visitation, wantonness, waywardness, wicked, wickedness, woe, woeful, worry, wrathful, wrong, wrongdoing, wrongful
Main Entry: evil eye
Jonah, anathema, bad blood, bad influence, bad temper, bad will, ban, bedroom eyes, blasphemy, blighting glance, cantrip, charm, come-hither look, commination, curse, damnation, denunciation, enchantment, evil disposition, evil genius, evil star, excommunication, execration, exorcism, fulmination, gape, gaze, glad eye, glamour, glare, glower, glowering look, goggle, hex, hoodoo, ill-disposedness, ill nature, ill will, ill wind, imprecation, jinx, magic spell, malevolence, malevolent influence, malison, malocchio, ogle, penetrating look, proscription, spell, stare, thundering, voodoo, wanga, weird, whammy
Main Entry: evil nature
amorality, backsliding, carnality, criminality, delinquency, evil, immorality, impurity, moral delinquency, peccability, prodigality, recidivism, unangelicalness, unchastity, uncleanness, ungodliness, ungoodness, unmorality, unrighteousness, unsaintliness, unvirtuousness, vice, viciousness, wantonness, waywardness, wrongdoing
Main Entry: evil spirit
Baba Yaga, Lilith, afreet, atua, barghest, cacodemon, daemon, daeva, demon, devil, dybbuk, evil genius, evil spirits, fiend, fiend from hell, genie, genius, ghoul, gyre, hellion, incubus, intelligence, jinni, jinniyeh, lamia, rakshasa, satan, shedu, specter, spirit, succubus, supernatural being, the undead, vampire, yogini
Main Entry: evil-looking
evil-eyed, evil-faced, evil-fashioned, evil-favored, evil-gotten, evil-minded, grim-faced, grim-visaged, grim, hard-favored, hard-featured, hard-visaged, ill-affected, ill-conceived, ill-fashioned, ill-favored, ill-featured, ill-gotten, ill-looking, ill-shaped, unprepossessing
Main Entry: evil-minded
base-minded, dirty-minded, dirty, evil-eyed, evil-faced, evil-fashioned, evil-favored, evil-gotten, evil-looking, evilhearted, ill-affected, ill-conceived, ill-fashioned, ill-favored, ill-gotten, ill-looking, ill-shaped, low-minded, low-thoughted
Main entries similar to: evil
aberrant, abnormal, abominable, abomination, ado, affliction, amiss, amorality, annoyance, anxiety, apocalyptic, arrant, atrocious, atrocity, backsliding, bad, baleful, bane, baneful, base, bete noire, bitchy, black, blameworthy, blasphemous, blight, bother, breach, bugbear, burden, calamity, carnality, catty, corrupt, corruption, crime, criminal, curse, damage, damaging, damnable, dark, delinquency, delinquent, dereliction, despiteful, despoliation, destruction, detriment, detrimental, devilish, devilry, diabolic, dire, disadvantage, disease, disgrace, disgraceful, dishonorable, doomful, drawback, dreadful, dreary, enormity, enormous, error, evil nature, evil-minded, execrable, failure, fateful, fault, felony, fiendish, flagrant, fly in the ointment, foreboding, foul, genocide, gloomy, godless, grievance, grim, harm, harmful, hate, hateful, havoc, headache, heinous, hurt, ignominious, ill, ill-fated, illegal, immoral, immorality, improper, impropriety, impure, impurity, inappropriate, inauspicious, inconvenience, incorrect, indecorous, indiscretion, inexpedient, infamous, infamy, infection, inferior, infernal, infliction, iniquitous, iniquity, injurious, injury, injustice, invalid, knavery, knavish, lapse, low, lowering, malevolent, malfeasance, malicious, malign, malignant, matter, menacing, mischief, mischievous, mischievousness, miscreant, misdeed, misdemeanor, misfeasance, monstrous, nasty, naughty, nefarious, nemesis, nonfeasance, not done, obscene, off base, off-color, offense, offensive, ominous, omission, out of line, outrage, outrageous, peccadillo, peccant, perverted, pest, pestilence, plague, poison, poisonous, pollution, portentous, prejudicial, problem, prodigality, profligacy, profligate, rancorous, rank, recidivism, reprehensible, reprobate, rotten, sacrilegious, satanic, scandal, scandalous, scourge, serpentine, shame, shameful, shameless, sin, sinful, sinister, slip, snake in the grass, somber, spiteful, terrible, thorn, threatening, torment, tort, toxin, transgression, trespass, trip, trouble, ugly, unchastity, unconscionable, undue, unfavorable, unfit, unforgivable, unfortunate, ungodliness, ungodly, unlawful, unlucky, unpardonable, unpromising, unpropitious, unrighteous, unscrupulous, unseemly, unskillful, unspeakable, unsuitable, untoward, unworthy, venom, vexation, vice, vicious, vile, villainous, villainy, visitation, wicked, woe, worry, wrong, wrongdoing, wrongful