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Main Entry: eupeptic
accepting, alive and kicking, at ease, beaming, blithe, blithesome, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, bright, bright and sunny, charmed, cheerful, cheery, chipper, comfortable, composed, content, contented, cozy, delighted, easy, easygoing, elated, enjoying health, euphoric, exalted, exhilarated, favorably impressed with, fine, fit, fit and fine, flushed, full of beans, genial, glad, gladsome, glowing, gratified, happy, healthful, healthy, high, hopeful, in clover, in condition, in fine fettle, in fine whack, in good case, in good health, in good shape, in good spirits, in health, in high feather, in high spirits, in mint condition, in shape, in the pink, intrigued, irrepressible, laughing, of good cheer, of good comfort, optimistic, pleasant, pleased, pleased as Punch, pleased with, radiant, reconciled, resigned, riant, rosy, sanguine, sanguineous, sans souci, satisfied, smiling, sold on, sparkling, sunny, taken with, thrilled, tickled, tickled pink, tickled to death, uncomplaining, unrepining, winsome, without care