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Main Entry: epithet
abuse, appellation, appellative, binomen, binomial name, blackguard, byword, call names, catchword, cognomen, cryptonym, curse, cuss, cuss out, cuss word, damn, denomination, designation, device, dirty name, dirty word, dysphemism, empty title, epigraph, epithetize, eponym, euonym, expletive, foul invective, handle, honorific, hyponym, inscription, label, moniker, motto, name, namesake, naughty word, no-no, nomen, nomen nudum, oath, obscenity, profane oath, proper name, proper noun, revile, scientific name, secret name, slogan, style, swear at, swearword, tag, tag line, tautonym, title, trinomen, trinomial name, vilify, vituperate, watchword
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