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Main Entry: endeavor
accept, accomplished fact, accomplishment, achievement, act, acta, action, address, adventure, aim, aim to, apply, approach, aspire, assay, assume, attack, attempt, attempt to, be determined, bid, blow, buckle down, buckle to, coup, crack, dare to, dealings, deed, determine, doing, doings, effort, elbow grease, embark in, embark upon, energy, engage in, enter on, enter upon, enterprise, essay, exertion, experiment, exploit, fait accompli, fall into, fall to, feat, fling, gambit, gest, get under way, go, go about, go all out, go at, go in for, go into, go upon, hand, handiwork, hard pull, hassle, have at, hump, hump it, intend, job, knuckle down, labor, launch forth, launch into, lay about, lay to, lick, long pull, make an effort, maneuver, measure, might and main, move, move into, muscle, nerve and sinew, offer, operation, overt act, pains, passage, performance, pitch into, plunge into, ply the oar, pretend to, proceed to, proceeding, production, purpose, push, res gestae, resolve, seek, seek to, set about, set at, set forward, set going, set to, shot, spare no effort, stab, step, strain, strive, strive to, striving, stroke, strong bid, struggle, study, study to, stunt, sweat, sweat blood, tackle, take on, take up, tentative, thing, thing done, toil, tour de force, transaction, travail, trial, trial and error, trouble, try, try and, try to, turn, turn to, undertake, undertaking, venture, venture to, venture upon, whack, work, works