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Main Entry: downy
airy, artful, astute, attenuate, attenuated, bubbly, crafty, cunning, dainty, deep, delicate, ethereal, even, feathery, filmy, fine-drawn, fine-grained, fine, finespun, flat, fleecy, flossy, fluffy, foamy, frothy, furry, fuzzy, gauzy, glabrate, glabrescent, glabrous, gossamer, gossamery, guileful, hirsute, imponderous, insidious, lanate, leger, leiotrichous, level, light, light as air, lighter than vanity, mousse, nappy, peachy, pinnate, plane, pubescent, refined, regular, satin, satiny, silky, sly, smooth-shaven, smooth-textured, smooth, souffle, suave, thin-spun, tricky, unbroken, unheavy, uniform, unrough, unroughened, unruffled, velutinous, velvety, volatile, weightless, wily, wiredrawn, woolly, yeasty
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