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Main Entry: dispensation
OK, abandonment, abjuration, administration, admission, allowance, attenuation, blank check, broadcast, broadcasting, carte blanche, cession, charter, circumfusion, civil government, command function, consent, copyright, courtesy, creation, decision-making, diffraction, diffusion, dilution, direction, disbursal, disbursement, discipline, dispersal, dispersion, disposal, disposition, dissemination, dissipation, distribution, divergence, dole, doling, doling out, dumping, empery, empire, evaporation, executive function, expansion, favor, forgoing, form of government, forswearing, fragmentation, franchise, freedom, getting rid of, giving out, giving up, governance, government, grant, immunity, indulgence, issuance, kindness, leave, letting go, liberty, license, management, officiation, okay, oversight, passing around, patent, paying out, peppering, permission, permission to enter, political organization, polity, preservation, privilege, propagation, providence, publication, radiation, recantation, regime, regimen, regnancy, regulation, reign, release, relinquishment, renunciation, resignation, retraction, riddance, rule, sacrifice, scattering, scatterment, service, shotgun pattern, sovereignty, sowing, spattering, special favor, special permission, splay, spread, spreading, sprinkling, strewing, supervision, surrender, sway, swearing off, system of government, ticket, ticket of admission, visitations of providence, volatilization, vouchsafement, waiver, warrant, yielding