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Main Entry: dismantle
annihilate, atomize, bankrupt, bare, break to pieces, cleave, decimate, demolish, denudate, denude, deprive, disarray, disassemble, disintegrate, dismember, dismount, disrobe, divest, do a strip-tease, fragment, lift, make mincemeat of, pick to pieces, pull in pieces, pull to pieces, pulverize, raze, recall, reduce to rubble, rend, repeal, rescind, reverse, ruin, shatter, smash, split, strip, sunder, take apart, take down, tear apart, tear down, tear to pieces, tear to shreds, tear to tatters, total, unarray, unbuild, uncase, unclothe, undo, undrape, undress, unmake, wrack, wrack up, wreck
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