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Main Entry: devilish
Acherontic, Draconian, Lethean, Mephistophelian, Plutonian, Plutonic, Stygian, Tartarean, accursed, animal, anthropophagous, arch, atrocious, bad, barbaric, barbarous, beastly, bestial, bloodthirsty, bloody-minded, bloody, brutal, brutalized, brute, brutish, cannibalistic, chthonian, chthonic, crazy, cruel-hearted, cruel, cursed, damnable, demoniac, demoniacal, demonic, demonish, demonlike, devil-like, diabolic, diabolical, elfish, elvish, evil, execrable, fell, feral, ferocious, fiendish, fiendlike, fierce, flagitious, foolish, full of mischief, ghoulish, heinous, hellborn, hellish, high-spirited, impish, infernal, inhuman, inhumane, iniquitous, knavish, madcap, maleficent, malevolent, malign, malignant, mischief-loving, mischievous, murderous, naughty, nefarious, ogreish, pandemoniac, pandemonic, playful, prankish, pranksome, pranky, puckish, purgatorial, roguish, ruthless, sadistic, sanguinary, sanguineous, satanic, savage, scampish, scapegrace, serpentine, sharkish, sinful, sinister, slavering, sportive, subhuman, sulfurous, trickish, tricksy, truculent, unchristian, uncivilized, ungodly, unhallowed, unhuman, vicious, villainous, waggish, wicked, wolfish