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Main Entry: democracy
absolute monarchy, aristocracy, autarchy, autocracy, autonomy, coalition government, collective farm, collectivism, collectivity, collegiality, colonialism, common ownership, commonwealth, communal effort, communion, communism, community, constitutional government, constitutional monarchy, cooperation, cooperative society, dictatorship, dominion rule, duarchy, duumvirate, dyarchy, federal government, federation, feudal system, garrison state, gerontocracy, heteronomy, hierarchy, hierocracy, home rule, kibbutz, kolkhoz, limited monarchy, martial law, meritocracy, militarism, military government, mob rule, mobocracy, monarchy, neocolonialism, ochlocracy, oligarchy, pantisocracy, patriarchate, patriarchy, police state, profit sharing, public ownership, pure democracy, regency, representative democracy, representative government, republic, self-determination, self-government, sharecropping, social democracy, socialism, state ownership, stratocracy, technocracy, thearchy, theocracy, totalitarian government, totalitarian regime, town meeting, triarchy, triumvirate, tyranny, welfare state