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Main Entry: crossbreed
Cape Colored, Eurasian, bastard, beget, breed, breed true, cattalo, citrange, copulate, cross, crossbred, engender, father, generate, get, griffe, half-bred, half-breed, half-caste, half blood, high yellow, hinny, hybrid, hybridize, inbreed, interbreed, intercross, ladino, liger, make love, mestee, mestiza, mestizo, metis, metisse, miscegenate, mixblood, mixed-blood, mongrel, mongrelize, mother, mulatto, mule, multiply, mustee, octoroon, outbreed, plumcot, procreate, proliferate, propagate, quadroon, quintroon, reproduce in kind, sambo, sire, tangelo, tigon, zebrass, zebrule
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