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Main Entry: credit
accept, accept for gospel, accept implicitly, acceptability, acceptation, acception, acclaim, account, account for, accounting for, accredit, accredit with, accrete to, acknowledge, acknowledgment, acquiescence, answerability, application, apply to, approbation, approval, arrogation, ascendancy, ascribe, ascribe to, ascription, assign, assign to, assignation, assignment, assurance, assuredness, attach to, attachment, attribute, attribute to, attribution, authority, avails, balance, balance the books, be certain, belief, believability, believableness, believe, believe without reservation, benediction, blame, blame for, blame on, bless, book, box office, bring home to, buy, capitalize, carry, carry over, cast up accounts, certainty, charge, charge off, charge on, charge to, charisma, charm, close out, close the books, clout, cognizance, commendation, commissions, conceivability, confess, confidence, connect with, connection with, consequence, consider, consideration, control, credence, credibility, credit with, crediting, credits, credulity, debit, deem, deficit, depend on, dependability, dependence, derivation from, difference, discrepancy, disposable income, distinction, dividend, dividends, docket, dominance, domination, double entry, due, earned income, earnings, effect, eminence, enchantment, enter, entry, epact, esteem, estimation, etiology, faith, faithfulness, fasten upon, father upon, favor, feel, fix on, fix upon, force, gains, gate, gate receipts, get, give credit, give faith to, give thanks, glory, good feeling, grace, great honor, gross, gross income, gross receipts, hang on, hold, honesty, honor, hope, hymn, importance, imputation, impute, impute to, incidental power, income, influence, influentiality, insinuation, intake, item, journalize, keep books, lay, lay to, leadership, leverage, log, magnetism, make, make acknowledgments of, make an entry, mastery, merit, minute, moment, net, net income, net receipts, notation, note, offer thanks, ornament, output, paean, palaetiology, personality, persuasion, pin on, pinpoint, place upon, placement, plausibility, point to, post, post up, potency, power, praise, prayer of thanks, predominance, preponderance, pressure, prestige, probity, proceeds, produce, profits, purchase, put faith in, receipt, receipts, receivables, receive, reception, recognition, recognize, refer, refer to, reference to, regard, reign, reliability, reliance, reliance on, rely on, remainder, render credit, render thanks, repute, respect, responsibility, return thanks, returns, revenue, right, royalties, rule, saddle on, saddle with, saddling, say, sense, set down to, set store by, settle upon, single entry, solvency, stock, store, strike a balance, suasion, subtle influence, suggestion, supremacy, sureness, surety, surplus, suspension of disbelief, swallow, sway, take-in, take, take for granted, take on faith, take on trust, take stock in, takings, tenability, thank-you, thank, thank offering, thanks, thanksgiving, think, tribute, trust, trustworthiness, unearned income, upper hand, weight, what is owing, whip hand, worth, yield
Main Entry: credit rating
bank credit, book credit, borrowing power, cash credit, commercial credit, consumer credit, credit, credit insurance, credit union, financial condition, hire purchase plan, installment credit, installment plan, investment credit, line of credit, never-never, rating, tax credit, tick, trust
Main Entry: credit union
Bund, Rochdale cooperative, alliance, assemblage, association, axis, band, bank, bank credit, bloc, body, book credit, borrowing power, cash credit, coalition, college, combination, combine, commercial credit, common market, confederacy, confederation, consumer cooperative, consumer credit, cooperative, cooperative society, corps, council, credit, credit insurance, credit rating, customs union, economic community, federation, finance company, finance corporation, free trade area, gang, group, grouping, hire purchase plan, hock shop, installment credit, installment plan, investment credit, league, lending institution, line of credit, machine, mob, mortgage company, never-never, partnership, pawnbroker, pawnbrokery, pawnshop, political machine, rating, ring, society, tax credit, tick, trust, union
Main Entry: letter of credit
CD, IOU, MO, Pastoral Epistle, acceptance, acceptance bill, aerogram, air letter, airgraph, bank acceptance, bank check, bill, bill of draft, bill of exchange, billet-doux, blank check, bull, certificate, certificate of deposit, certified check, chain letter, charge card, charge plate, check, checkbook, cheque, circular note, commercial paper, credit card, credit instrument, credit slip, dead letter, debenture, demand bill, demand draft, deposit slip, dimissorial, dimissory letter, draft, drop letter, due bill, encyclical, exchequer bill, fan letter, form letter, letter of introduction, letters credential, letters of marque, letters of request, letters overt, letters patent, letters rogatory, love letter, money order, monitory, negotiable instrument, newsletter, nixie, note, note of hand, open letter, paper, pastoral letter, poison-pen letter, postal order, promissory note, round robin, sight bill, sight draft, time bill, time draft, trade acceptance, treasury bill, voucher, warrant
Main entries similar to: credit
accept, acceptation, account, accredit, acknowledge, acknowledgment, acquiescence, allowance, application, apply, approbation, approval, arrogation, ascendancy, ascribe, assign, assignation, assignment, assurance, attachment, attribute, authority, balance, belief, believe, benediction, blame, bless, book, borrowing power, box office, buy, capitalize, carry, carry over, certainty, charge, charge off, charisma, charm, close out, clout, cognizance, commission, confidence, connection, consequence, consider, consideration, control, credence, credibility, credible, credit rating, credit union, debit, deduction, deem, deficit, dependence, difference, discrepancy, distinction, dividend, docket, dominance, domination, due, Dun and Bradstreet rating, earnings, effect, eminence, enchantment, enter, entry, esteem, estimation, etiology, faith, favor, feel, force, gains, gate, get, give thanks, glory, grace, gross, gross income, hold, honor, hope, hymn, importance, imputation, impute, income, influence, insinuation, installment plan, intake, item, keep books, lay, leadership, leverage, loan, log, magnetism, make, mastery, minute, moment, net, net income, notation, note, ornament, output, paean, personality, persuasion, placement, plausibility, post, potency, power, praise, predominance, preponderance, pressure, prestige, proceeds, produce, profit, purchase, rating, receipt, receivables, receive, reception, recognition, recognize, refer, regard, reign, relate, relegate, reliability, reliance, remainder, reputation, repute, respect, responsibility, returns, revenue, right, royalty, rule, say, sense, significance, stock, store, strike a balance, suggestion, supremacy, sureness, surety, surplus, swallow, sway, take, take for granted, thank, thanks, thanksgiving, think, tick, trust, upper hand, virtue, weight, whip hand, worth, yield