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Main Entry: concentrate
abbreviate, accelerate, aggravate, approach, assemble, attend closely to, attend to business, be alert, be obsessed with, beef up, blow up, bring into focus, bring together, center, centralize, circumscribe, close, close in, close up, close with, cluster, coarct, collect, come together, compact, complicate, compress, concenter, concentralize, concentrate on, concentrate the mind, concentrate upon, concentrated, concentration, condense, congest, congregate, consolidate, constant, constrict, constringe, contract, converge, cram, cramp, crowd, curtail, decoct, decoction, decrease, deepen, densen, densify, direct, distill, distillate, distillation, double, draw, draw in, draw together, elixir, enhance, essence, essentialize, establish, exacerbate, exaggerate, exclusive, express, extract, extraction, fall in with, firm, fix, fix on, fixate, fixed, focalize, focus, focus on, funnel, gather, give heed, group, heap, heat up, heighten, hop up, hot up, infuse, infusion, integrate, intensify, intersect, jam, jazz up, key up, knit, look lively, look out, look sharp, magnify, make complex, mass, meet, melt down, miss nothing, narrow, narrow the gap, nip, pay attention, pay heed, pile, pinch, press, press out, pucker, pucker up, purification, purse, put, quintessence, ram down, ramify, redouble, reduce, refine, refinement, reinforce, render, rivet, run together, scrutinize, set, settle, sharpen, shorten, shrink, soak, solidify, soup up, spirit, squeeze, steadfast, steady, steep, step up, strangle, strangulate, strengthen, study, take care, take heed, taper, think, triple, undistracted, undivided, unfaltering, unite, unremitting, unwavering, watch out, whet, wring, wring out, wrinkle