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Main Entry: coldness
Laodiceanism, absolute zero, algidity, aloofness, anesthesia, autism, backwardness, bashfulness, bitterness, blankness, bleakness, briskness, callosity, callousness, carnality, catatonia, chill, chilliness, cold, cold blood, cold heart, coldbloodedness, coldheartedness, constraint, cool, coolness, coolth, crispness, cryogenics, cryology, deadpan, decrease in temperature, detachment, disaffinity, discreetness, discretion, dispassion, dispassionateness, distance, dullness, emotional deadness, emotionlessness, enmity, expressionlessness, fervorlessness, flesh, fleshliness, freezing point, freshness, frigidity, frost, frostiness, gelidity, guardedness, halfheartedness, hardheartedness, hardness, hardness of heart, heart of stone, heartlessness, iciness, immovability, impassibility, impassiveness, impassivity, impersonality, impotence, inaccessibility, inclemency, incompatibility, incompatibleness, indifference, indifferentism, indifferentness, inexcitability, inhospitality, inimicality, insensitivity, insipidity, intense cold, introversion, keenness, lack of affect, lack of feeling, lack of touch, libido, love, lovemaking, low temperature, lukewarmness, marriage, modesty, neuterness, neutrality, neutralness, nip, nippiness, obduracy, objectivity, obtuseness, offishness, passionlessness, perfunctoriness, personal conflict, pitilessness, poker face, potency, rawness, remoteness, repression, reserve, reservedness, restraint, reticence, reticency, retirement, rigor, self-absorption, sensuality, severity, sex drive, sexiness, sexual instinct, sexual urge, sexualism, sexuality, sharp air, sharpness, soullessness, spiritlessness, standoffishness, straight face, strain, subduedness, suppression, tension, tepidness, unaffability, unamiability, unapproachability, uncongeniality, uncordiality, undemonstrativeness, unemotionalism, unexcitability, unexpansiveness, unfeeling, unfeelingness, unfriendliness, ungeniality, unimpressibility, unimpressionableness, unmercifulness, unnaturalness, unpassionateness, unresponsiveness, unsociability, unsusceptibility, unsympatheticness, untouchability, vapidity, voluptuousness, withdrawal, withdrawnness, zeallessness